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Stamford CT Jobs: The Job Board For Stamford, Connecticut

Coming Soon: Fall of 2014.

This web site will be launched in October of 2014. will be a niche job board featuring a comprehensive database of job listings from staffing agencies, national employment sites, plus industry and company bulletin boards; My long-term goal is to keep a current index of jobs located in the City of Stamford. The blog will feature tips and career resources for students and professionals looking for work. There will be a social media section, allowing job seekers to network with local employers and headhunters.

Stamford, CT continues to be the hub for finance and television production. I will include openings from the top employers in the financial district, such as General Electric Capital, UBS, and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Production jobs will be listed from the premier media companies in the area: NBC Sports and Universal (Jerry Springer Show & Maury Povich), World Wrestling Entertainment, YES Network, and A & E.

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